This game console designed by KFC will keep your fried chicken warm

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The KFConsole boasts a compartment for chicken.

It sounds like a gag but it's not: fast-food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken is about to launch its first gaming console, in partnership with hardware manufacturer Cooler Master. The KFConsole will stand out from the competition thanks to a new compartment designed to keep crispy chicken warm.

KFC began talking about this project last spring, and it has been intriguing people ever since. It has now become a reality thanks to a partnership with the Taiwanese manufacturer Cooler Master.

Together, they have developed a customized casing and a unique cooling system. The heat produced by the console components is funneled to the chicken chamber to keep the food warm, for players to enjoy between rounds of play.

The machine is shaped like a bucket, KFC style. Inside, the console houses an Intel Nuc 9 Extreme Compute Element kit, a graphics card from Asus and two 1TB BarraCuda SSDs from Seagate. In fact, the KFConsole is no mere gimmick, but a true high-end console, compatible with 4K games and capable of 240 frames per second.

A crazy concept or a future hit among gamers? No marketing date has been announced yet.

See a video of the KFConsole: