New game release: 'DEEEER Simulator' flings itself into Early Access

"Goat Simulator," Spider-Man, and Bojack Horseman's two-day bender walked into a bar and still couldn't answer the question "What is 'Deeeer Simulator'?"

[DEEEER Simulator promotional video:]

Ploughing into the Steam Store this week with a blend of untamed "Goat Simulator" delirium and "Grand Theft Auto"-style city-razing chaos is "DEEEER Simulator: Your Average Everyday Deer Game."

The Japanese-made jaunt raised over 8 million yen (around $73,500 USD) in development funds from an early 2019 crowdfunding campaign, having asked for a mere 1m JPY ($9k) to start with.

Its hero can canter on four legs, speedwalk on two limbs like a muscled-up weightlifter, or hurl out its neck like an elasticated yo-yo, swinging from one lamppost to another.

The city is his sandbox playground, and the objective is to cause as much trouble as possible -- get that Deersaster rating sky-high -- but the police won't stand idly by as you hurl pedestrians this way and that.

Just as in a "Grand Theft Auto" or "Saints Row" game, criminal actions beget the attention of law enforcement officers.

Here, though, you're dealing with uniformed sheep, patrol car-carrying polar bears, and laser-sighted bunnies, all eager to make venison patties out of your buck-wild hindquarters.

Fortunately, the continent of Orchestra is strewn with high-powered, head-mountable weaponry, rideable animals, and humans eager to follow your example (as well as an enormous loop-de-loop and a colossus of a tower-clinging koala bear.)

For Swedish studio Coffee Stain, which had specialized in strategy games before turning throwaway idea "Goat Simulator" into a full-blown product, the success of its experimental riff led to releases across Android, iOS, and multiple console platforms.

Coffee Stain, which had self-published its idiosyncratic sandbox, generated in excess of $12m USD as a result of the success of "Goat Simulator," setting up an indie game publishing division and a funding program in its wake, before agreeing to a $35m takeover from a larger Swedish publisher.

Whether that sort of meteoric success is in store for one-man band Naspapa Games remains to be seen, but iOS and Android versions of "DEEEER Simulator" have already been promised during that crowdfunding drive.

And consoles? We'll have to wait and see, but its publisher Playism approvingly re-tweeted one call for a Nintendo Switch edition.

For now, though, "DEEEER Simulator" is currently in Early Access on PC via Steam, with more playable continents, weapons, items, and vehicles to be added over the coming year, and a full release anticipated for 2021.