'Game of Thrones' star surprises Leslie Jones on 'Game of Jones'

On Late Night With Seth Meyers, Leslie Jones joined Seth Meyers for “Game of Jones,” where she broke down Game of Thrones from her unique perspective. “This is definitely not a black family,” she said about the Arya, Bran, Sansa reunion in Winterfell. Meyers asked, “Wait, what’s the difference?” Jones said, “Okay, first of all, Bran’s home. Arya’s home. Nobody wants to make no macaroni and cheese?”

But when Jones found herself talking smack about Varys, she discovered you can’t get anything past the Master of Whisperers. Jones said, “Varys is like the girlfriend that you don’t know if she’s really your homegirl or not. Because one minute she’s supporting you and got your back, but then the next minute you hear about some bulls*** she said to somebody else about you.”

And just as Jones was continuing her tirade, Conleth Hill entered in his Varys attire, complete with bald cap. Jones freaked and ran to give him a hug. “Are you kidding me?” she said. “That is the Barys dude. Oh, my god!”

After this surprise visit by “the Varys dude,” Jones was not shy about telling him exactly what she thinks about his character. “I was saying that you can’t trust your ass, but you know s*** that you’re not telling anybody. Like you know about the red witch. You didn’t tell them about the red witch.” Hill went on the defense, saying, “I told Tyrion!” But Jones was not satisfied. “Oh, my god! You did not tell Daenerys. Daenerys need to know that,” she said. Hill said, “I told her I didn’t trust her and she went, ‘I am in a forgiving mood. You just forgive her, too.'”

Jones seemed somewhat satisfied with this reply, saying, “Okay, Varys. I see you talking yourself out of this.”

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