New games: 'Football Manager 2020', 'Shenmue III,' 'Kyle is Famous,' 'Spring Falls,' more

Engrossing sports simulation "Football Manager 2020" releases in three different forms across computer and mobile, "Shenmue III" arrives 18 years after the last step in an iconic game franchise, the free "Kyle is Famous" offers laughs amid a surreal power fantasy, and "Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts" requires a steady hand in frozen Siberia, while "Spring Falls" offers calm, gentle puzzles and "Molek-Syntez" takes brainteasing to a molecular extreme.

Football Manager 2020
PC, Mac, Linux via Steam (FM 2020); Mac, PC, Linux via Steam, Android, iOS (FM 2020 Touch); Android and iOS (FM 2020 Mobile)

[New Gameplay Features (FM 2020):]
The classic annual soccer tactics and club management simulator in three different flavors, with the original "Football Manager" continuing on home computers, a "Touch" version of the full game available on mobile and PC that's oriented towards shorter sessions and a "Mobile" edition developed specifically for handheld devices.

Shenmue III
PlayStation 4, Windows PC (via Epic Game Store)

[The Story Goes On trailer:]
Arriving 18 years after "Shenmue II" debuted and picking up on the story of martial arts student Ryo and his journey from Japan to Hong Kong and now into China, looking for the man who killed his father and a girl who has been communicating with him through dreams.

Spring Falls
iOS and PC, Mac, Linux (Steam)

[Official Release Trailer:]
Help water descend a mountainside with gentle landscaping, turning grey rocks green and causing flowers to grow.

Kyle is Famous
PC, Mac and Linux (Steam,, Gamejolt)

Take super-famous talk show host Kyle through a regular day as he prepares to interview an important guest -- decide what choices he makes, from the sensible to the ridiculously unhinged, and unlock 21 possible endings to this free comedy game.

PC, Mac and Linux (Steam)

Fast forward toward the end of the century and here you are, living in an apartment in Romania and using a molecular synthesizer to turn everyday chemical solutions into compounds with pharmacological properties. Another puzzle from the developer of "SpaceChem," "Infinifactory," "Opus Magnum" and, believe it or not, "Infiniminer," the inspiration behind "Minecraft."

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts
PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC from November 22

[Traveller's Guide to Siberia trailer:]
Relocating from the jungles, cities, and mountains of three previous franchise entries as frostbitten Siberia acts as backdrop for the latest lineup of stealthy, sharpshooting challenges.