Gangsters murder police officer at Taipei piano bar

News Desk in Taipei/The China Post
Asia News Network

Taipei (The China Post/ANN) - A police officer surnamed Wang was shot dead at a piano bar in Taipei, early yesterday. It is suspected that he was shot by gangsters after accidentally bumping into them. Wang's friend who was with him at the piano bar also suffered severe injuries.

Wang Chung-he, of the Taipei police, died after suffering four fatal gun wounds - two in his left thigh, one in his right thigh, and one in his left lung - at around 4 a.m. yesterday. Wang's friend, a man surnamed Yang, was also shot once. According to investigators, the gangsters fired over 10 shots at Wang and Yang in the stairway after the two parties collided, and a total of 12 bullet shells were collected at the crime scene.

Investigators suspect that the gangsters were not local to Taipei's Chungshan District. The piano bar where the shooting happened was located at the intersection of Minsheng East Road and Jianguo North Road.