Gao Yunxiang's assets have been frozen

22 Jan - While he is still on trial for his sexual assault case, it was recently revealed that Chinese actor Gao Yunxiang's assets in his home country have been frozen under court's order.

As reported on Epoch Times, it was announced that the Beijing's No. 1 Intermediate People's Court has ruled that all assets from Beijing Yexuan Culture - a company of which both Gao and wife Dong Xuan have a share in, have been frozen, after Zhejiang Talent, the studio behind "The Legend of Ba Qing", filed for protective measures.

It was revealed that the reason behind the freeze is because of Gao's sexual assault case, which has affected the airing of the said period drama.

Many believed that the studio is also planning to claim compensation from the actor for the aforementioned issue.

It is noted that the airing of the drama had been delayed following Gao's arrest in June 2018, after a woman in Sydney accused him of assaulting her. However, prior to Gao's case, the drama has already faced several setbacks after the censorship board expressed concern over its overuse of violence.

Soon after, the drama's fate seemed to have been sealed after its lead actress Fan Bingbing was involved in a tax evasion scandal a few months later.

(Photo Source: PBE Media)