GAZ Makes Mark Off-Road with GAZ SK 3308 4×4 Truck

Ruben Manahan IV

Gazelle Motors Corporation, the local distributor of GAZ light commercial vehicles and medium- to heavy-duty trucks, made sure it’s no Russian roulette when using its latest offerings. This was highlighted during a recent off-road event at the lahar dunes of Mount Pinatubo using the GAZ SK 3308 4×4 Truck.

The all-wheel-drive medium-duty truck, which was unveiled during the Manila International Auto Show 2018, was driven under the harshest conditions like traversing through steep climbs and downhills and conquering the soft, murky waters with ease.

Spearheading the adventure were Vicky Martinez, managing director, Cheena Pe, marketing manager, and Paul Isla, media and government relations manager, together with Iurii Radkov, GAZ offroad specialist.

Martinez said that they brought Radkov to demonstrate the capabilities of the SK 3308 4×4 Truck through dirt, boulders and a river valley made of the mudflow from Mount Pinatubo’s eruption in 1991.

GAZ SK 3308 4x4

Powered by a YaMZ-534 diesel engine and coupled to a five-speed manual transmission, which is capable of providing 134 hp and 419.4 Nm of torque, the Russian Gazelle showed that it can really gallop for its size. On paper, it is said to go as fast as 95 kph.

GAZ SK 3308 4x4

Boulders and waist deep waters were conquered without the fear of grazing the underparts with its 315 mm road clearance and the 1.2-m water-wading capability.

Uphills and downhills were conquered safely by the SK 3308 4×4 Truck thanks to its front- and rear-wheel differentials and its ability to climb as steep as 31-degree slopes.

During lunch, Martinez said that they will introduce the power takeout mechanical winch option in the next batch that they will be bringing in. Another feature of the GAZ SK 3308 4×4 Truck is its tire pressure control system.

The said truck boasts of a rich history of transporting both military personnel and equipment in Russia and its 4×4 configuration helps enable the GAZ SK 3308 4×4 Truck to carry goods and people, regardless of the terrain.

In a statement, Dr. Fernando L. Martinez, Gazelle Motors Chairman and Chief Executive, expressed confidence to the vehicle’s abilities.

“Road conditions do not matter to this power truck. The GAZ SK 3308 4×4 Truck could run on paved roads, asphalt, dirt, off roads and could even cross river streams, if and when needed,” he said.

“Known for its all-terrain qualities in Russia makes the GAZ SK 3308 4×4 Truck ideal to be used in the country, particularly by either government agencies or private socio-civic organizations in bringing relief to Filipinos affected by natural disasters,” he added.

When asked, the younger Martinez said that since it was introduced in MIAS, they have been getting positive feedbacks with the said product.

Gazelle Motors Corporation was incorporated after the cooperation agreement was signed between GAZ and Eastern Petroleum in September last year. The partnership between Eastern Petroleum Group of Companies and GAZ was initiated during President Rodrigo R. Duterte’s visit to Moscow, Russia in May last year. 

Based on the cooperation agreement, Eastern Petroleum Group of Companies has the exclusive right to distribute and conduct after-sales services of GAZ Light Commercial Vehicles Llc.’s light commercial, medium- and heavy-duty vehicles in the Philippines.