GDragon to unveil music video of his new song MichiGO

[by Cho Suyoun] G-Dragon will release his music video of new song MichiGO on April 20th at 0:00 am. 

According to YG Entertainment, G-Dragon is releasing his music video of MichiGO on April 20th exactly at 0:00 am and it was announced on YG Entertainment’s blog.

Since this was a surprise announcement, no one expected this to come this early. 

The reason this announcement is more special and welcoming is that G-Dragon made this song to sing at his first solo world tour and he made it all by himself. He didn\'t do any promotion about the song and was never released on international music websites so it will be the only chance to see the music video and the music at once.

MichiGO was revealed on global mobile messenger LINE only, and since it was unveiled at Seoul tour, fans wonder more about the song. As the song’s title means ‘Go crazy’ it is made of stylish hip-hop sound.

According to YG Entertainment, “G-Dragon’s MichiGO will not be released on any music website in Korea neither in other countries. It was planned to be shown only during world tour and LINE, but since many fans asked for it, we decided to show the music video.”

Meanwhile, G-Dragon will continue his world tour ONE OF A KIND in Japan on April 20th and 21st and it will be continued in eight countries and thirteen cities. (photo by YG Entertainment)

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