GE2020: E-rallies to be live-streamed from Suntec, 3 time slots per day

  • p
    Ill just vote for OPPOSITION even without watching e-rallies..Time For Change..Now or Never !!
  • N
    NewTariff in Town...
    No need rally. Just vote the parties that address money issue (CPF). Return our money. We never give you permission to loan them to you.
  • Y
    The PAP brought a huge number of foreigners into Singapore to compete for your jobs.
    You should therefore bring more opposition parties into parliament to compete for the PAP's jobs!
  • 老旺
    PAP Manifesto:
    Our Lives
    Our Jobs
    Our Future

    I read and understand that they are asking you to vote for their Lives, their Jobs and their Future.

    I am voting for my kids and our fellow Singaporeans Lives, Jobs and Future.
  • E
    Electoral engineering via redrawing boundaries spreads voters of a particular persuasion across several constituencies to deny them an influential voting bloc in a particular area. If voters who previously supported the opposition are split among several wards which were pro-ruling party at the last election, the presumption is that the incumbent will triumph in that redrawn political boundary.
  • a
    andrew JD
    I vote for Singapore for Singaporean. My family vote goes to anyone except PAP since they love CECA so much. Will not be surprise to see a huge wave of CECA coming to Singapore if PAP win.
  • s
    Time for a change. I see FTs everywhere. I tot i am living in a foreign land.
  • V
    Vote More  Voices
    Making it tough for oppopsitions!!

    Anyway, the tough gets tougher and we will see V sign for oppositions, anyone of them I will vote in my ward!!

    One thing this SDS chor luan only, mole??
  • T
    All I know is that voting for the opposition is more important than anything else
  • V
    p4p -- 53 seats
    oppo combined -- 40 seats