GE2020: My hunt for the anchor man

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    At my age now, I'm not really voting for myself anymore, is more for next generation, generation of our Singaporeans' kids. Quoting what LHL once said in Singapore University of Social Science, Singaporeans have to be MORE hungry and willing to work for LOWER pay than foreigners are willing to, if not, someone will steal our lunch.

    Let's take a step backwards, when come 2023, the min amount required in CPF is about $200K based on existing CPF minimum sum incremental rate of roughly $10K per year, 30 years later, the minimum sum require will be half a million ($500K). With the pricing rate increment of new HDB flats, it will soon reached $100K per room basis (i.e. 5 room flat can cost $500K, 4 room flat can cost $400K, and 3 room flat if still exist can cost $300K). So for next generation to own a flat (let's say 5R flat) and have sufficient minimum CPF sum, it would mean that they will NEED to save 1 MILLION in CPF, is 1 MILLION SGD, NOT rupee, peso, buht or what.

    How to even have $500K if our next generation is to take a 3rd world country's pay to compete with 3rd world country's "Foreign Talent"? These FT can still be rich even they take peanuts pay in Singapore with the exchange rate, but Singaporeans CAN'T, so how can our PM (LHL then) said such a thing? And who was the one who "negotiated' and signed the [India-Singapore Comprehensive Economic Corporations Agreement] in 2005 that allowed FREE MOVEMENT of "Professionals" from India to work in 125 different sectors (roughly) in Singapore? It was none other than our current DPM Mr. Heng Swee Kiat, the one who allowed what LHL said "LOWER pay Hungry foreigners" to enter FREELY and "Steal Our Lunch".

    Follow by this [India-Singapore Comprehensive Economic Corporations Agreement], what "benefits" does it yield to Singaporeans? Where is the transparency of showing each and every Singaporeans that this agreement has benefited Singaporeans or create new jobs for Singaporeans? WHERE?

    Except that "I have a plan", "A East Coast Plan" (and "A" instead of "An"?), "A East Coast gathering plan" (For WHAT!? Spread Corona Virus?) that "Plan for East Coast", WHAT ELSE DID HE REVEAL IN DECENT DETAILS? I also can say "I have a Plan", everyone come vote for me. Anyway, I don't want to offend or agitate anyone in case someone get stroke again. With all resources distinctively available, this is the best they can come out with .... well done, I make up my mind, thank you
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    Many of us watched a short video clip of Teo Chee Hean walk about. He was so yaya papaya when he talked with the people at the coffee shop. Please vote the opposition parties and take his seat.
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    I am appalled that Bertha could be in a quandary because of Heng standing in East Coast. For me, it's a no brainer, definitely WP for me. Heng does not have what it takes to be a minister let alone pm!
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    Vote For Change
    Below is what PN Balaji said abt HSK...

    "For a PM-in-waiting, Heng's public appearance after his nomination was announced was underwhelming. His speech was cut off as he and his team had overshot the given time to them.

    In the grand scheme of things, this is not really a disaster. But when the TV camera shows you surprised and embarrassed, it makes one wonder.

    Then, Heng didn't seem well-prepared. In his speech, he kept repeating his words and his message didn't seem coherent.

    The surefootedness was missing — he tried to look at his notes but in the end it didn't help.

    When added to some of the Covid-19 and other missteps that the government and PAP has made in the run-up to Nomination Day it makes one wonder if the PAP was losing decisiveness."
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    I have been rationale for the last 20-years to believe PAP will implement policy benefit to Singaporean or at least me and my kids....
    20-years pass...

    gst will go beyond 7% (MIW still collect million dollars salary)

    me and my kids faced competition with India, PRC, Philippine, vietnam....on usd-150 to usd-4500 job, my grand-child will continue to faced these foreigner no matter he is out from ITE / POlY / Uni...

    Bus & Train fares raises every two year at least, why should bus and train be privatized ? not essential service to citizen ?

    the risk with PAP is clear and present, to vote for opposition might be equal risk or greater, history will tell, at least I take a risk for the sake of me, my kids and my grand-child....
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    They strengthen East Coast because they don't want Nicole Seah to rise as an eloquent speaker for the Oppo. Now, it is in the hands of the people of East Coast to vote in the "Aljunied of 2020".
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    MK Ling
    Both PAP & WP offer good & qualified candidates.
    With all the blatant lack of accountability, transparency & independent in policy formulations, if we still do not vote in good oppositions, our country will surely go downhill going forwards.
    Even HSK is not indispensable.
    My family 2 votes go to WP East Coast GRC.
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    Media people should not try to influence the outcome of general election through endorsement of candidates and party. Voting is sacred.
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    @SDP manifesto
    “by reducing their salaries, ministers will be able to lead with moral authority. This is crucial because boosting essential financial support for the people will entail trade-offs for the privileged class”
    Elitism is sin. Entering politics through connection like pap. I am not for it. I will therefore vote for this.
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    @PAP manifesto
    “Smart Nation and the 5G network Tuas Megaport Changi T5 Greater Southern Waterfront and Paya Lebar Redevelopment Punggol Digital District and Jurong Lake District Doubling rail networks with the Cross Island Line and the Thomson-East Coast Line”
    More reasons to import 4.5 million PAP immigrants & more $$$ to the pockets of this person who owns our transport in pap. OUR LAST ELECTION VOTE PAP OUT.