GE2020: Singaporeans shouldn’t think NCMPs can replace elected opposition MPs – WP Dennis Tan

Nicholas Yong
Assistant News Editor
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    Remember at 1/4 million cases when testing of FW is completed. Priority to reduce FW dependency. Give incentives to companies to reduce FW and employ more Singaporeans. Vote Opposition for a better Singapore.
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    Anyone who says NCMP is enough and no need to vote for opposition is denying my right to vote and democracy! Such a person has authoritarian ambitions.
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    test of time
    Many of ruling party candidates are newbies. So what is the difference if we voted in newbies from opposition?
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    If ncmp is the way to get opposition party into parliament, why have an election. The ruling party should just rule forever, and fix a few seats for the opposition. Like some countries like hmm hk, burma etc..
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    Actually...Indranee should just say, "there is no need for ELECTION".

    It will deliver a Clearer message to us the voters, that - THEY JUST WANT TO DO AND DECIDE EVERYTHING BY THEMSELVES.

    How conveniently nice!
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    Seow Seow
    Make it this way all seat for opposition and NCMP be PAP and they can look after the opposition this also flexible. so no need to control the whole party as one.
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    I neither believe nor trust the PAP anymore.
    I fully support the Opposition because I believe in multi party democracy is the only way to save Singapore from further decline.
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    Lets all communicate that it is nothing wrong to vote out a pap minister.voters please think weneed more oppositions voices.guarantee that our lives will be better. It is suicide to have one party only .u have witness over the past 5 yrs.2/3 oppositions will prevent pap from implementing useless policies. There r so many issues now ...
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    Let us work together to vote for the opposition and reserve this special " political post " to PAP .
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    If the ruling party wants voters to believe that the NCMP scheme guarantees the Opposition & S'poreans a voice in Parliament, when it actually prevents other parties from gaining a foothold in any constituency, then PAP MP Indranee Rajah is deliberately misleading the electorate about the NCMP scheme.