Geekom A7 mini PC review

 Geekom Mini PC A7.
Geekom Mini PC A7.

Geekom A7 mini PC: 30-second review


CPU: Ryzen™ 7000 (R9-7940HS & R7-7840HS)
Graphics: AMD Radeon™ Graphics 780M
RAM: Dual channel DDR5 5600MHz SODIMM, up to 64GB
Storage: 1 x M.2 2280 SSD Slot, support PCIe Gen4*4, up to 2TB, or SATAIII SSD, up to 1TB
Rear Ports:1 x Rear USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A, 1 x Rear USB 2.0 Type-A, 1 x USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C, 1 x USB 4 Gen3 Type-C, 2 x HDMI 2.0, 1 x RJ45 RTL8125BG-CG,
Front Ports: 1 x Front USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A, 1 x Front USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A, 1 x 3.5mm front stereo headset jack
Connectivity: M.2 Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.2, 
Camera: N/A
Size: 112.4 x 112.4 x 37 mm
OS installed: Microsoft Windows 11 (64-bit) 
Accessories: 19V power supply adapter (120W)

The Geekom A7 mini PC represents the upper echelon of Mini PCs, with its all-metal casing exuding a premium look and feel. Upon examination, it's clear this is not just another compact, space-saving device.

Unlike many of the best mini PCs we've tested, it boasts a high-quality build complemented by a wide array of ports on the back, convenient quick-access ports on the front, and an SD card slot on the side, indicating Geekom's targeting of creatives, gamers, and high-end users.

The machine, preloaded with Windows 11 Pro, impresses with its quick boot time and effortless handling of demanding applications including some of the best video editing software and photo editing apps. Gaming performance is notable, though some adjustments to quality settings are necessary for smooth gameplay. For instance, Tekken 8 benchmarks at a score of 287 are suitable for mid-range settings, while Cyberpunk, when set to Medium graphics at 4K, is playable despite occasional glitches. However, lowering the resolution to 1080p while boosting graphics settings allows for smoother gameplay.

In everyday use, the A7 showcases its prowess by efficiently running all Office applications and breezing through tasks. Creative professionals will appreciate the ultra-fast USB Type-C ports for quick data transfer to and from large-capacity storage devices. Additionally, the dual HDMI ports facilitate an easy dual monitor setup, with the option for further expansion through USB ports.

Our review unit came equipped with 32GB of RAM and 2TB of SSD M.2 storage, serving as a solid base for various work types. With the option to expand the RAM up to 64GB, this compact machine demonstrates significant potential for serious users.

Geekom A7 mini PC: Price & availability

Geekom A7 mini PC on a desk in a home office
Geekom A7 mini PC on a desk in a home office

The Geekom A7 is readily available in several configurable options. The model reviewed features an AMD Ryzen 9 7940HS with Radeon Graphics, while a slightly more affordable version comes with the Ryzen 7 7840HS, also equipped with AMD 780M graphics. Both variants can be customized with either 32GB or 64GB of RAM and a choice of 1TB or 2TB of SSD storage. These configurations can be purchased through, the Geekom website, and numerous other retailers.

  • Score: 4/5

Geekom A7 mini PC: Design & build

Geekom Mini PC A7
Geekom Mini PC A7

The first thing you notice about the A7's build quality is its premium metal casing, contrasted with a standard plastic base. This design not only creates a strong and durable machine suitable for both home and workshop use but also makes it conveniently portable for those needing to transport their computer between home and work without opting for a laptop.

A notable feature of the design is the abundance of ports on the back, facilitating easy connections to a wide array of devices via HDMI, USB Type-A and C, along with a direct network connection. This feature is particularly beneficial for creative users like photographers and videographers, thanks to the built-in SD card reader on the side for quick downloading of image and video files post-shoot.

The ample ports and connections also mean the system can be attached to numerous accessories without overloading it or draining its power, which is crucial for those requiring fast transfers for large storage and control desks.

While the mini PC comes with a range of hardware options for RAM and SSD at the time of purchase, both can be upgraded as budget allows. Access to the hardware is straightforward, requiring the removal of the small rubber feet and unscrewing four small screws to detach the plastic base. Beneath this, a metal plate adds an extra layer of protection to the electronics and assists with cooling. This plate, held in place by another four screws, can be removed to access the SSD and RAM directly.

A large fan is situated at the top of the machine, integral to the cooling system that allows the powerful CPU and GPU to maintain smooth operation. Similar to other high-performance mini PCs recently observed, this fan is designed to be large yet run quietly, ensuring it does not distract from multimedia activities, gaming, or work conducted on the machine.

  • Design: 5/5

Geekom A7 mini PC: Features

Geekom Mini PC A7
Geekom Mini PC A7

The Geekom A7 ushers in a new era of Mini PCs, elevating performance and demonstrating that this compact form factor is more than just a space-saving solution. It houses powerful Ryzen processors and offers a wide range of connectivity options, catering to professionals, creators, and everyday users.

Key features include the Ryzen 7000 Series CPU, known for its exceptional performance with a thermal design power (TDP) of up to 45W. This balance between performance and power consumption means users relying on intensive applications for video editing, graphic design, or software development will find the processing power they need for complex tasks.

Complementing the CPU is the AMD Radeon Graphics 780M, a mobile GPU with an impressive track record. While it may not match the power of a dedicated external GPU, it provides a balanced solution for content creators and casual gamers who need competent graphics performance for video editing, graphic design, and gaming.

This mini PC supports high-speed DDR5 memory in a dual-channel DDR5 5600MHz SODIMM configuration, expandable up to 64GB, ensuring smooth multitasking across applications. It also offers versatile storage options, supporting an M.2 2280 SSD for PCIe Gen4*4 (up to 2TB) or a more economical SATAIII SSD (up to 1TB), catering to the needs of creatives and gamers with faster transfer speeds, as well as general users.

A significant feature appealing to professional users is the extensive array of I/O ports, including USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A/C, HDMI 2.0, and more. Alongside Wi-Fi 6E or Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2 support, it ensures versatile connectivity. Its compact size (112.4 x 112.4 x 37 mm) and lightweight (420g) make it ideal for space-constrained environments, offering a discreet, minimalist design that doesn't stand out, whether in homes or workshops. Its durable metal case and small footprint also facilitate easy wall mounting or placement away from potential hazards.

Despite its compact size, which could pose challenges for heat management, the A7 is equipped with the Geekom 4.0 cooling system, featuring a large top-mounted fan and side venting to ensure the system remains cool. The necessity of an external power adapter supporting a 120W power draw facilitates higher processing performance, compensating for the lack of USB-C power delivery.

The Geekom mini PC is preinstalled with Windows 11 Pro and ready to go after the usual initial setup process.

  • Features: 4.5/5

Geekom A7 mini PC: Performance

Geekom Mini PC A7
Geekom Mini PC A7


Crystal Disk Read: 4908.63MB/s
Crystal Disk Write:
GeekBench CPU Single: 2674
GeekBench CPU Multi:
GeekBench Compute: 33438
PC Mark:
CineBench CPU Multi: 19835
CineBench CPU Single:
Fire Strike Overall: 7875
Fire Strike Graphics:
Fire Strike Physics: 27471
Fire Strike Combined: 2994
Time Spy Overall:
Time Spy Graphics: 2886
Time Spy CPU:
Wild Life: 16681
Windows Experience: 8.2

The A7 demonstrates formidable performance across a diverse range of applications, evidenced by its impressive test scores. For creative tasks, such as working in Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro, its GeekBench Multi score of 13,296 and a CineBench CPU Multi score of 19,835 indicate its capability to manage complex, CPU-demanding tasks. Practically, this translates to smooth and responsive performance when editing high-resolution images from the Canon EOS R5 in Photoshop or handling 4K video editing in Premiere Pro, facilitated by high-speed DDR5 RAM for seamless layer manipulation and real-time footage preview.

In DaVinci Resolve, the GeekBench Compute score of 33,438 and Fire Strike Graphics score of 8,512 showcase the mini PC's proficiency in colour grading and 4K video rendering—a testament to its sufficient GPU power for demanding video editing tasks, ensuring fine 4K video editing with smooth playback and quick render times. If you've been on the look-out for a compact alternative to the best video editing PCs or even the best video editing laptops, this could be the mini PC for you.

In fact, content creation across the board is good. The A7 comfortably handles Adobe Audition performance for track mixing and effect applications. Its HDA CODEC ensures high-quality audio output, indicating its well-rounded capabilities in handling audio editing tasks without hitches.

Although not primarily a gaming rig, the A7's performance in creative applications hinted at respectable gaming capabilities. With a Time Spy Graphics score of 2,886, it supports casual to moderate gaming experiences. Games such as "Tekken 8" and "Cyberpunk" can be played in mid-range settings, requiring adjustments for smooth gameplay at higher resolutions.

The A7 excels in everyday productivity tasks as well, including Microsoft Office applications. A PC Mark score of 7,289 signifies that it can effortlessly manage word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and other office-related tasks, corroborated by actual use. The fast SSD, with Crystal Disk Read and Write speeds of 4908.63MB/s and 4720.80MB/s, respectively, ensures rapid application launches and almost instantaneous file access, enhancing efficiency, especially when transferring image and video files via the SD card slot. This combination of high-speed memory, robust processing power, and fast storage highlights the mini PC as a powerful, versatile computer capable of meeting a wide array of user needs, from creative to everyday productivity and casual gaming.

  • Performance: 4/5

Should you buy the Geekom A7 mini PC?

The A7 from Geekom is ideal for creatives, professionals, and users seeking a compact, powerful computer. Its robust processing and graphics capabilities make it perfect for demanding tasks like video editing, graphic design, and multitasking with ease. Casual gamers and those valuing a space-saving design without sacrificing performance will also find it appealing.

However, hardcore gamers and users requiring the utmost in graphical performance may not find it meets their needs due to its limitations compared to dedicated gaming PCs. Additionally, those on a tight budget might consider the price point and explore more cost-effective options.

Value: Solid performance at a reasonable price. 4/5
Design: Compact, efficient, unobtrusive design. 5/5
Features: Versatile, with comprehensive connectivity and expansion options. 4.5/5
Performance: Strong in multitasking, moderate in gaming. 4/5
Total: Well-rounded, efficient for professionals and casual users. 4/5

Geekom Mini PC A7
Geekom Mini PC A7

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