GEM Tang will go into space

GEM Tang will go into space

1 Oct – GEM Tang has been chosen to be the first ever Chinese star to fly into space.

According to Mingpao News, the singer was recently appointed the first global Chinese ambassador for the XCOR Space Expeditions, the company that makes a business out of space adventure travel.

GEM, who donned an astronaut gear at the press conference in Macau on 30 September, expressed her delight with the appointment and enthused, "Music is my dream and I want to take it to more places. But never have I dreamed of taking it to space! It's so wonderful."

Asked if she was worried about safety issues, GEM said that she is confident that she will enjoy the space trip, and has full trust in the organiser.

GEM also revealed that she will begin her space training in the Netherlands this month.

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