Gemma Collins claims she's 'reversed' PCOS

Gemma Collins remains eager to have children credit:Bang Showbiz
Gemma Collins remains eager to have children credit:Bang Showbiz

Gemma Collins believes she's managed to reverse her Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

The 43-year-old TV star has turned to diet guru Steve Bennett in a bid to overcome her fertility issues, and Gemma has now claimed that he's managed to help her to reverse her health condition, meaning she's "a step closer" to having a baby.

Gemma - who is engaged to Rami Hawash - told MailOnline: "Since working with Steve, he has reversed my PCOS. I no longer have it, so I'm a step closer to having a baby."

Gemma now has a renewed sense of hope that she'll be able to have a baby one day.

The TV star - who has previously suffered three miscarriages - shared: "I went to a fertility clinic and obviously, I was going to start my fertility journey in September but I'm not sure I need to do fertility now because hopefully I can do it naturally, plus my thyroid is doing better - I have no under-active thyroid anymore.

"People have bullied me about my weight, they bullied me about it so badly for years and it's like, I can't help it, I am active ... But now I don't need to do vigorous exercise - this is the first diet where you're adding and not subtracting."

Gemma began suffering PCOS - which affects how a woman's ovaries work - at the age of 28.

But Steve is confident that her new diet will change her life.

He shared: "With PCOS, the number one cause is a dysregulation of sugar and putting fibre first helps Gemma to regulate the sugar intake and therefore that would be the logical step to removing PCOS."