Gen Z could join U.S. Congress

Maxwell Frost could make history as the 1st member of Gen Z to join Congress, and represent Florida’s 10th Congressional District in the House.

Video transcript

- 2022 could be the first year that a member of Gen Z joins Congress. So I spoke with 25-year-old Maxwell Frost. He's from Florida and he could be the first to do it.

MAXWELL FROST: You know, it's interesting because I was actually asked to run by organizers that I protested with during the Black Lives Matter uprising that happened. At first, I was a little skeptical about running for office, especially running for Congress, but I had multiple conversations with folks across the community, really felt inspired by the fact that a lot of people were excited to have a young person in office.

What changed everything for me was actually having a conversation with my biological mother. Learning about her life, learning about the struggle she went through, learning about the fact that she had me at one of the most vulnerable points in her life, I hung up the phone and I said, I need to run for Congress for people like my biological mother, for people like my mother, for people like my father, for my community, for the place that I was born and raised in.