Gen Z TikTokers are obsessed with these moms’ unique words of wisdom

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Wisdom is said to be gained only through experience and time — and who has more sage wisdom than the beloved matriarchs in our lives.

In honor of wise moms everywhere, we’re turning to TikTok to dig up some dazzling pearls of wisdom — and it seems we aren’t the only ones. Gen Z has long been learning from the moms of the platform, sharing their messages and lauding their advice in the comments.

This Mother’s Day — whether you’re celebrating the mother of your kids, your own mom, an aunt, your grandmother, or just a dear friend you love as a mother figure — honor the strong ladies in your life by taking heed of these moms’ words of advice.

4 mortgage truths that may surprise you

1. “What’s that thing you’d always say when I was younger?”

This video, shared by @tiktokforgood, received thousands of likes for its deep message. In Chinese, the expression “Pick up a sesame seed and drop a watermelon” has very special meaning — and a very important lesson we could all learn from.

2. “Things I wish I would have known …”

Often the best teacher in life is hindsight — and when @robevalleygurl58 shared the lessons hindsight had taught her, she gained over 800,000 likes and 12,000 comments. Considering her beautiful message, it’s no surprise her video touched so many people.

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3. “What’s the key to being married for 64 years?”

All relationships — whether it be a friendship, marriage, a coparenting situation, or something else altogether — require hard work. So when @deanmpal shared the secret to a long-lasting relationship, hundreds of thousands of TikTokers took note. Who knew “disappointment” could be so healthy?

4. “No amount of guilt … no amount of anxiety …”

Humans are natural worriers. Whether looking backward into our memories, or forward into the unknown future, our brains tend to obsess over things we can’t change or control. That’s why @grandmagreat‘s succinct message struck such a chord with over 300,000 TikTokers. “I needed this today,” one inspired user commented.

5. “If it doesn’t bring you an income …”

Sometimes we all need a little help identifying the toxic, distracting or stressful elements of our lives. That’s why @grannysoffherrocker hit the nail on the head when she shared her hilariously spicy advice with millions online. “And they say you don’t learn anything from TikTok,” one enlightened user commented.

Thanks to these wise mamas and their insightful TikToks, Gen Z can march forward feeling empowered and inspired — no matter what obstacles life may throw in their way.

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