Genesis creates 5 special G90s for the Academy Awards

Joel Stocksdale

With the Academy Awards coming up, Genesis created five specially appointed G90 sedans for the occasion. They each feature custom paintjobs and lavish interiors ranging from subtle to bold. They have some pretty wild names, too.

The most striking of the group is "The Ruler." It features a silver over red metallic paint scheme, and its complemented by some of the most unique upholstery we've seen. It's a red-orange suede with a bunch of squiggly lines across it that Genesis says "is reminiscent of a designer's sketch."

The "Stardust" G90 is pretty unassuming from the outside, with simple dark silver paint. But inside, it features upholstery with star-like shapes printed on it, as well as portions that are finished in black velvet. The ceiling really completes the star theme with little points of light shining through the fabric to simulate a starry sky ­– a trick we've seen previously in some Rolls-Royce models.

The other three G90s are a little less unique, but they make up for it with odd names. The strangest is the G90 called "A Touch of Sensuality." It's a silver and brown two-tone car with a brown and tan interior. Close behind is "Refined Understatement," which has a matte white over metallic blue exterior and a black leather interior with silver piping. The last is "Emerald Dream" which is painted in a dark green and brown with a green leather interior.

All of these Genesis sedans are one-offs. But we think it would be pretty cool if Genesis started a bespoke customization program, similar to Rolls-Royce's Bespoke Collection or McLaren's MSO program, that would permit more exotic and vibrant interiors and exteriors. These custom G90s turned out great, and bespoke paint and interiors would give the cars and the brand more credibility in the luxury space by letting wealthy customers create something truly unique and even more luxurious than the mass-produced versions.

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