Genneo Debuts With ‘Think About Us’

[by Sora Ghim] R&B singer-songwriter Genneo has released his debut album, declaring his stance as a male solo singer-songwriter.

At noon on April 6, Genneo will release his debut single ‘Think About Us’ on music sites and will reveal his own musical style.

‘Think About Us’ is a song that Genneo personally wrote and produced about a ‘couple in love’, ‘us, who once loved,’ and ‘lovers leaving,’ for a sentimental R&B song. Genneo’s gentle voice will melt the hearts of listeners.

Born in 1989, Genneo has worked with and written songs for Henry, Donghae&Eunhyuk, god, Roh Ji Hoon, and other singers. Proving his talent in song writing and producing, he also has a great voice and can play instruments. Not only that but he can speak three languages, English, Chinese, and Korean.

According to his agency, MAPPS Entertainment, “Genneo has also been active musically in America, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore. He has a wide breadth of culture and music along with his expressive emotions to create his own unique musical color. Please anticipate the growth of this talented singer-songwriter.”

Meanwhile, ‘Think About Us’ will be released at noon on April 6 as he makes his first step as a singer-songwriter. (photo MAPPS Entertainment)

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