Genshin Impact a 'completely fictional fantasy world', not a realistic one, say devs

Genshin Impact developer HoYoverse said that the game's latest nation, Sumeru, as well as the characters that hail from there are not directly inspired by real life civilizations or people. (Photos: HoYoverse)
Genshin Impact developer HoYoverse said that the game's latest nation, Sumeru, as well as the characters that hail from there are not directly inspired by real life civilizations or people. (Photos: HoYoverse)

With Genshin Impact version 3.1 well underway, Yahoo Gaming SEA got the chance to have a written interview the developers at HoYoverse about their inspirations for the new region of Sumeru, as well as their future plans for the game.

We also asked about future optimisations, environmental updates, refinement on Elemental Resonances, and possible character buffs.

Here's what they shared with us.

Q: Much like the first three nations we encountered, Sumeru seems to draw inspiration from real-world civilisations and cultures. But unlike Mondstadt, Liyue, or Inazuma, Sumeru looks like it was inspired by multiple civilisations and cultures instead of just one. Why did you choose to take inspiration from multiple places for Sumeru and why did you choose the ones you did?

HoYoverse: “We wanted to create a completely fictional fantasy world through Genshin Impact, not a realistic one. However, we need references for such a creation, hence there are hints of or similarity to the real world.

All real-world references and inspirations are deconstructed and recreated instead of simply being adjusted and adapted. By doing so, our ultimate goal is to present content that is in line with the unique worldview of Genshin Impact.”

In light of the recent controversy with Dori’s English voice actor being harassed online because of the backlash of her character, this answer may give an indirect rebuttal to the various complaints which can be seen on sites like Twitter.

Q: Are there plans to add more diversity (in Sumeru and) other regions in future versions?

HoYoverse: “The complete picture of the entire Sumeru region is (yet to be) revealed, and let’s wait and see. In addition, we will release some smaller areas from time to time, such as the Chasm in Liyue and the Enkanomiya in Inazuma.

For areas and regions already unveiled, the people and stories are still evolving as time passes. And we will keep bringing more new events, characters, and stories from each region in future updates.”

With the map not yet halfway revealed as it is, we’re excited to see what other hidden terrains the so-far revealed nations have in store for us, like Dornman Port in Mondstadt, or Qiaoying Village in Liyue.

Q: Are there plans to give Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma an update to their flora and fauna to bring them in line with the variety we see in Sumeru?

HoYoverse: “As the nation of wisdom and features the Dendro element, Sumeru indeed stands out for its biodiversity. However, each nation has its unique landscapes and natural environment. We will maintain this degree of distinction to reflect the various characteristics of each nation.”

Well, it looks like Kaeya’s staying as a horseless cavalry captain!

And we’re going to have to pretend indefinitely that there are cows that provide milk in-game, and that it doesn’t just magically appear in the stores…

Q: The new element Dendro has positively changed the gameplay, notably buffing previously under-utilised characters like Keqing and Thoma. Did you design Dendro and its reactions with the intention of not only introducing a new element with new characters, but also buffing already-released characters?

"The Elemental Reaction system is one of the important interactions in Genshin Impact. As the last piece of the puzzle in Genshin Impact’s seven-element system, when we were designing the Dendro element and its elemental reaction mechanisms, we hoped that it would be an element that reacts with multiple elements and produce a more systematic reaction mechanism.

As such, players can be interested in the creatures, mechanics, and characters associated with Dendro, without it stealing the thunder of other elements and their characters.

Under this consideration, we designed the Dendro element such that it needs to be combined with Pyro/Hydro/Electro elements to show its gameplay variety and strategic diversity."

The Keqing mains have finally received the buff they deserve.

With Dendro being the support element, we’re glad to see a refreshing new way to play our under-utilised characters.

Q: Aside from the addition of Dendro in version 3.0, the Hydro Resonance bonus was also changed to give the party Max HP instead of Healing Bonus. Are there further plans to improve the Resonances for other elements like Electro?

"In Version 3.0, due to the addition of the Dendro element, the Electro Resonance was also adjusted to: Affected by Hydro for 40% less time. Superconduct, Overloaded, Electro-Charged, Quicken, Aggravate, or Hyperbloom have a 100% chance to generate an Electro Elemental Particle (CD:5s).

With the completion of the seven-element system, we will further optimise and adjust the details of the existing Elemental Reactions in the future. Everyone is welcome to offer their ideas and feedback."

Q: Version 3.0 also brought a variety of quality-of-life changes to the game, like the updated wish history and achievement search bar. Will there be any other updates to the system that players can look forward to for a more elevated gaming experience?

"In the future, we will have more systematic and functional optimisations to improve player experience. Meanwhile, client capacity optimisation, intelligent management of past content, and more are also under development."

Hopefully, this means we'll finally be able to use multiple gadgets instead of forgetting that we still have an event or region specific one equipped, when we really might have needed some food.

Genshin Impact is currently in version 3.1, which will run from 28 September to 2 November.

Genshin Impact versions 3.0, 3.1, and 3.2 will have shortened run times of five weeks instead of the usual six weeks, likely to catch up to the game's original release schedule after the release of version 2.7 was delayed back in April.

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