Genshin Impact F2P: Wishing for main banner characters

(Image: miHoYo)
(Image: miHoYo)

For some, it's easy to spend money in Genshin Impact.

Whether you're a light spender with the Blessing of the Welkin Moon and the Battle Pass, or you're one of those who can afford to max refine a 5* on the weapon banner, that's entirely up to you, as long as you make your spending choices responsibly.

For others, however, spending isn't an option, and relying on the free primogems and event rewards are the way to go, true free-to-play (F2P) style.

One of the things most F2P players have to consider is when to spend their saved primogems on, so here are some things to consider when evaluating a character banner to determine if you should wish on it.

Statistically, if you've got your primogems saved up for at least 180 wishes (28,800 primogems), you're guaranteed one copy of the main banner character. This number fluctuates depending on how many Starglitter and Stardust you accumulate when wishing, and how many duplicate characters or weapons you get.

But if you're counting every primo, an important question to ask yourself is if you really need the banner character. Genshin Impact gives a number of characters away as rewards and part of the main story, and all of these 4* characters can carry you if you invest the time and resources into them.

However, the 5* characters are noticeably stronger at the start, and come with talents that usually set them apart from the 4* characters. If you're lucky enough to get a 5* character in your initial wishes, they will likely carry your team for a while.

(Image: Genshin Impact)
(Image: Genshin Impact)

As of May 2021, we've had a number of banner characters who excel at being your main damage dealer or burst DPS, including Klee, Childe/Tartaglia, Gan Yu, Xiao and Hu Tao.

While Klee and Tartaglia could definitely deal their fair share of obscene damage, a simple YouTube search will show even more ridiculous damage showcases with the latter three characters.

Quite a few content creators have already brought up "power creep", which is a mechanic in gacha games where newer characters outshine the older ones in terms of gameplay capabilities. In fact, the 4* Yan Fei released in 1.5 seems to be holding her own against the OG of Genshin DPS, Diluc himself.

Comparatively, the banner characters that weren't sold as main DPS have faired somewhat better - Venti, Zhongli and Albedo. Venti is still has one of the most useful crowd control abilities in the game, Albedo's off-field damage allows him to slot easily in most teams, and Zhongli is just Zhongli, especially after the Geo and Geo daddy buffs.

That said, there are still 4* characters that can perform similarly. Sucrose, especially with one or two constellations, can definitely fill in for Venti; Fischl, too, can be a good off-field support DPS; and while no one can really replace Zhongli in his entirety, there are other shield generators who can still work with your team. In fact, in some cases, a character like Diona may be even more useful than Zhongli because of her Cryo infusion.

It takes a lot of resources to raise a new character, especially with the boss materials and mora you'd need for talents past level 6, so as a F2P player, you'll need to allocate them wisely.

Of course, this is still a game, so enjoyment should be your priority. Banners come with trials for you to try out the characters, but be aware that these trial characters might come with weapons/gear that differs from what you have, as well as constellations which you might not get.

Similarly, as an F2P player, your access to weapons might also be somewhat limited, so keep all this in mind before spending your primo gems on wishes!

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