Gerhard Richter, Yoko Ono and other artists collaborate with Amnesty International for limited-edition prints

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Gerhard Richter, Yoko Ono and other artists collaborate with Amnesty International for limited-edition prints

Gerhard Richter, 'Cut' (2019)

This holiday season, Amnesty International is partnering with arts initiative Art-19 to release a limited-edition box to raise money for the organization's human rights work.

The exclusive collaboration, dubbed "Art 19-Box One," features ten fine art prints by some of the biggest names in the art world, such as German visual artist Gerhard Richter, Iranian-American multidisciplinary artist, Shirin Neshat and Japanese-American multimedia artist Yoko Ono.

Also involved in the project are Ayşe Erkmen, Shilpa Gupta, Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, William Kentridge, Chiharu Shiota, Kiki Smith and Rosemarie Trockel.

Neshat, who contributed to the limited-edition box with a photograph from her "The Home of My Eyes" series, pointed out the importance of this collaborative artistic endeavor in the light of her own personal history.

"Being born an Iranian, a country that has undermined basic human rights particularly since the Islamic Revolution, I have uncontrollably gravitated toward making art that is concerned with issues of tyranny, dictatorship, oppression, and political injustice. Although I don't consider myself an activist, I believe my art regardless of its nature, is an expression of protest, and a cry for humanity," she said in a statement.

The 100-edition run of "Art 19-Box One" will go on sale on December 1, with each box set costing €50,000 (about $55,000). A percentage of the proceeds will go to Amnesty International.

"Amnesty International has benefitted over many years from the active support of the arts community around the world for our human rights campaigns. The impressive list of artists coming together in the Art 19 project is a humbling testament to their unrelenting support for our cause, and at a time when the world most needs our human rights movement to be strong, vocal and visible," Kumi Naidoo, the organization's Secretary General, noted in a statement.

The ten art prints will also go on public view as part of an exhibition traveling to Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland and France.

The traveling show will open on Human Rights Day on December 10 in the German capital's me Collectors Room Berlin / Stiftung Olbricht.