German fitness granny takes TikTok by storm

This German fitness granny is taking TikTok by storm

(SOUNDBITE) (German) 81 YEAR-OLD ERIKA RISCHKO, SAYING: "My name is Erika Rischko. I am 81 years-old, I am from Langenfeld and I make TikTok videos."

Rischko has uploaded more than 100 videos

of herself doing planks, pull-ups and dancing

She also teaches her husband one-minute-long choreographies

The 'fitness gran' has amassed around 125,000 followers

and more than 2 million likes on TikTok

(SOUNDBITE) (German) 81 YEAR-OLD ERIKA RISCHKO, SAYING: "It's super, just great! I am super happy about it. I have never been as confident about myself as I am at the moment. This whole thing really gave me a push, all of it ¬– TikTok and Instagram. When these young people write to us and tell us they think we are great, asking: How do you do it? It's really motivating. It's just great!"