German parties conclude first round of post-election coalition talks

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Germany's Greens party co-leader Robert Habeck
Germany's Greens party co-leader Robert Habeck

Berlin [Germany], October 5 (ANI/Sputnik): German parties eligible to form a new government have finished the first round of coalition talks with the Greens and the Free Democrats, which found themselves in the position of kingmaker, and plan to announce the outcome on Tuesday or Wednesday.

The Greens and the Free Democrats came in third and fourth in the September general election, but since neither the Social Democrats nor the conservative CDU/CSU alliance won over 30 per cent of the vote, they have had to curry favor with them to form a ruling coalition. The Greens and the Free Democrats held their own consultations last week, while also meeting other parties. On Tuesday, the Greens met with the CDU/CSU.

In a statement following the talks, CDU/CSU leader Armin Laschet said that a potential coalition between the two political forces has wide support in the German society and could help modernize the country. Laschet acknowledged the existence of some differences, but stated that his party does not consider them insurmountable.

Meanwhile, the Greens' co-chair Robert Habeck said that the Tuesday meeting lasted two hours and concluded the first round of bilateral talks.

"We and the FDP will now evaluate the talks in the decision-making bodies," Habeck said, adding that they will spend Tuesday and Wednesday making a general comparison to figure out options for a future government.

In the German parliamentary election, the Social Democrats emerged victorious, marginally outperforming outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel's ruling CDU/CSU bloc. The Greens and the FDP came in third and fourth, respectively, followed by the far-right Alternative for Germany and the Left. (ANI/Sputnik)

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