Germany is Google's world champion of cycling directions

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Cycling is proving popular in Germany (as seen here, in Bonn).

People in Germany love cycling -- so much so that the country now tops the list for overall cycling directions usage on Google Maps, ahead of the US, Netherlands, Japan and France.

In celebration of World Bicycle Day, Thursday, June 3, Google has published a slew of cycling-related data from its Maps application.

Globally, the general trend shows an uptick in bike-related searches, as web users increasingly turn to Google Maps to find cycling directions. In 2020 alone, Google added more than 150,000 kilometers of bike lanes to Maps and, in the space of a year, bike-related queries on Maps have grown, sometimes sharply (+300% in France).

Concerning directions, routes are, on average, nearly 10% longer than they were in 2020 (+50% in Ireland), suggesting that cyclists are more than ever getting the most out of their bikes, whether for family rides or for day-to-day commutes.

While Germany comes out top for overall cycling directions usage in Maps, Tokyo leads the world's top cities for cycling directions, followed by Amsterdam, London, Paris and Munich.

David Bénard

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