‘Getaran Jiwa’: Social media users praise Australian buskers performing P. Ramlee’s classic (VIDEO)

Mark Ryan Raj
The elderly Australian couple looked in their element as they effortlessly performed ‘Getaran Jiwa’ on the streets of Melbourne. — Screengrab via Facebook/ ERA (Malaysia).

PETALING JAYA, Nov 18 — The late Tan Sri P. Ramlee is an artiste beloved by Malaysians.

From his movies to his songs, the national icon made his countrymen fall in love with the arts, so much so that most Malaysians concur that his contributions are what defined the local entertainment scene. 

But, it also seems that he managed to make others fall in love with his artistic brilliance as shown in a recent Facebook posting by Era (Malaysia) of two Australian buskers performing a rendition of his hit single Getaran Jiwa

P. Ramlee’s song has stood the test of time, as it is probably one of the most famous songs performed by a Malaysian artist, with many fans and singers performing renditions of the song — trying their luck to replicate the icon’s voice. 

While there are countless different styles and interpretations to his classic, the Australian couple in the video amazed social media users with their duet as they serenaded passersby on the streets of Melbourne. 

Slow, smooth and polished, the seeming veterans looked effortless as they performed Getaran Jiwa with relative ease, despite it being in a different language. 

The original post has since got over 4,000 likes, with over 48,000 views on Facebook, as it has also made its rounds on social media, being shared by multiple Facebook pages and news organisations. 

Malaysian social media users were happily surprised by the couple’s performance as they heaped praise on the pair for their moving rendition, and of course, their choice of song. 

Social media users complimented the couple for their beautiful rendition of P. Ramlee’s classic. — Screengrab via Facebook/ERA (Malaysia).

Many users said that their cover was “the best” and that they salute the duo for choosing to sing that song.

Others said the woman’s voice was “easy on the ear”, while others mentioned that listening to P. Ramlee never gets old. 

“I remember watching a video of a talk about P. Ramlee’s songs, they are always so nice to hear, you’d never get bored of listening to them over and over again,” wrote a user. 

Getaran Jiwa was written by S. Sudarmaji in 1960 and was performed by P. Ramlee in the movie Antara Dua Darjat, by his character Ghazali. 

Ever since then, the song has been passed down from generation to generation, with numerous covers by various local artists, and has even been translated into an English version called Whispers in the Wind.  

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