Geylang Laksa Prawn Noodles with 59 years of heritage relocating down the block on 10 Feb 2023

The renowned “Geylang prawn mee” is moving. With 59 years of heritage, Geylang Laksa Prawn Noodles will be relocating not very far away from their original location. Previously at 45 Sims Drive, their new spot will still be at 45 Sims Drive— just at the other end of the block! (haha, false alarm?)

Their newly relocated outlet will commence with business on 10 Feb 2023. We wonder what caused the minor changes… Could it be the rising costs in rental fees or a change in feng shui?

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Block 45 is quite well known as it stores many food gems. From 45 Sims Drive Kway Chap to Wang Ji Seafood Restaurant, the best eats in Geylang can be found in one small building.

Geylang Laksa Prawn Noodles has attracted a long line of followers since its debut in 1964. Originally from Geylang, they have expanded their stalls to Ang Mo Kio. However, the Clifford Centre outlet closed in 2022.

Currently, the previous outlet is vacant and they’re only left with removing their store sign above.

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Famous for its laksa and prawn mee, the stall usually sells out by noon.

The hot-seller would be their Traditional Laksa (S$4/S$5.50). The bowl of laksa is thicker than most conventional bowls that have a more watery broth, as it’s packed with an impactful coconut milk flavour. In a bowl, you’ll receive fresh prawns and cockles with a mix of beansprouts and fishcakes.

Geylang Laksa Prawn Noodles 3

Otherwise, if you haven’t had their prawn noodles, this is an option you can try out!

Geylang Laksa Prawn Noodles’ Prawn Mee (S$4/S$5) is sweeter in variation, and has a lighter broth. Available in either soup or dry, both of them come with very generous portions of ingredients. By the way, the dry one has a huge sprinkle of pork lard, for those of you who enjoy sinful pleasures.

Well, for those who frequent this prawn mee stall, don’t worry as they’re not moving far away. I just had to give a heads up to those who panic in case they see the vacant space of their favourite stall in the next few days! Just walk down the lane and you’ll find it.

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