You can get 40% off the GHI’s winning weighted blanket on Cyber Monday

oodie weighted blanket sale
Get 40% off the GHI's favourite weighted blanketOodie

Weighted blankets have become a go-to for people trying to get better sleep, manage anxiety and reduce stress (or simply make their bedrooms cosier!) — and now is the ideal time to buy one, with Oodie offering 40% off the Good Housekeeping Institute's favourite one.

When tested by three panel members for three nights, Oodie's weighted blanket scored an impressive 98/100 and was even dubbed a "game-changer" by one happy tester.

Panellists noted the blanket's “velvety-soft feel” and “perfect weight distribution”, as well as its warmth, barely noticeable beads and lack of rustling when moved.

What are the benefits of a weighted blanket?

If you're unsure on whether a weighted blanket is right for you, let's get into the details.

Research has shown that using a weighted blanket at night may help to improve sleep by utilising 'deep pressure stimulation'. This sensation helps to reduce the stress hormone, cortisol, and so helps us get a better night's rest.

If sleep isn't a problem for you, you might prefer to enjoy the relaxing benefits of a weighted blanket on your sofa — and luckily, there are a range of colours and styles of Oodie available to match your taste or decor, including collaborations with Disney on Winnie the Pooh and The Mandalorian designs, ideal for gifting.

Oodie's Cyber Monday sale offers 60% off almost everything on site — with 40% off our favourite weighted blanket — and includes plenty of great gifts and winter warmers.

The sale ends at midnight tonight (Cyber Monday, 27th November).

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