Ghol Fish Worth Rs 1.33 Crore! Palghar Fisherman Catches 157 Ghol Fish on First Fishing Trip After Monsoon, Sells at Whopping Price

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Mumbai, September 1: Chandrakant Tare, a fisherman from Murbhe in Palghar district of Maharashtra, hit the jackpot when he recently caught 157 Ghol fish. Ghol is considered the most expensive edible and commercial fish in the region. On August 28, Chandrakant Tare sold 157 Ghol fish to a consortium of traders from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar for a whopping Rs 1.33 crore. Incidentally, it was his first fishing trip after months-long ban on fishing in light of the monsoon. Two Giant Manta Rays Caught by Fisherman Off Malpe Port in Karnataka, Watch Video; Know What Manta Ray is.

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Tare had set sail with 10 crew members onboard Harba Devi boat on August 15. When their boat reached near Wadhwan, about 25 nautical miles off Palghar coast, the fisherman laid the net in deep sea. In what changed Tare's fortunes, a school of Ghol fish, also known as "sea gold", was trapped. A video of Tare's prized catch soon went viral among fishermen and a large group of fish traders gathered for auction on August 28 when the boat returned.

Tare sold the bladder and other internal organs of 157 Ghol fish for Rs 1.3 crore. The Ghol fish, scientifically called Protonibea Diacanthus, is a type of blackspotted croaker fish. It is used for cosmetic and pharmaceutical purposes among others. The thread for dissolvable stitches in surgery is also made of the Ghol fish. Huge Bhola Fish of 52 Kgs Found in West Bengal, Woman Hits a Jackpot Selling it For 3 Lakhs! (View Pics).

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In Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, the fish is in huge demand. The presence of Ghol fish is very rare in the Palghar water region due to pollution. Tare, who caught and sold 157 Ghol fish, told Times of India that the earning would help him recover financial losses.

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