Ghosn: 'Fast planning, fast acting' escape, but no details

Carlos Ghosn, the former head of Nissan who fled financial crimes allegations in Japan, spoke to Reuters on Tuesday from his refuge in Lebanon.

He and his wife Carole maintain his innocence in the wide ranging, hour-long interview which covered all facets of the investigation into him.

But two weeks after his escape from Japan, he still won't say exactly how he did it.


I'm going to leave it to the imagination of the media. I've heard so many stories about it. It's interesting to see the imagination. You remember at the beginning it was an orchestra who came at Christmas in my house, put me in the box and we all left (inaudible). It's amazing to see the stories. (...) And another thing I wanted to say is a lot of people say, 'Oh but you must have had your family help you.' Well, first rule if you want to do something like this: No member of the family should be aware, first because they become very anxious very nervous. They need to talk to somebody, etc., so first rule complete silence. You should be alone. You should be acting and planning alone. Make sure nobody who is emotionally tied to you is aware."

REPORTER, ASKING: "So how long do you expect to stay in Lebanon, then?


"As long as it takes. We live day by day and at least here he's free. And I don't have the fear of him. Every morning I'd wake up thinking they'd arrest him today because they arrested him while I was with him basically for no reason. So at least here we feel safe and there are rights that could protect us much more than in Japan."

Carole says she will not cooperate with Japanese law enforcement. As to her husband's future, he says he plans to continue his work as businessman and investor in Lebanon and would like to help that country in any way he can.

But contrary to rumor, the auto titan says, he would not do it as a politician.

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