Giant extends 'Lower Prices That Last' campaign with cheaper items till 31 Dec

A list of new products have been added to the promotional drive.

Giant hypermarket at Tampines.
Giant has added a list of new products to its "Lower Prices That Last" campaign. (PHOTO: Screenshot/Google Maps)

SINGAPORE — Supermarket chain Giant is extending its lower prices campaign, covering over 600 items, to the end of the year.

In a statement late on Wednesday (22 February), Giant said that its the extension of its "Lower Prices That Last" campaign "reinforces Giant's commitment to helping customers cushion the impact of inflation and economic uncertainty, ensuring that Singaporeans can still purchase their favourite products and essentials at low prices".

The cost of goods in Singapore has been impacted by persistently high inflation, tax hikes and instability in global supply chains.

Giant, part of the DFI Retail Group, said that the campaign, started in 2020, was is one of the ways it is helping consumers "manage the impact on their grocery budgets by ensuring that key essentials across fresh, grocery, personal care and household remain affordable, with an average basket savings of 20 per cent".

As part of the campaign, shoppers would have come across promotions and deals such as purchasing any three leafy vegetables for S$2 or spare ribs for S$1.20 per 100g.

The company added that it will continue to review and update the list of products that fall under the "Lower Prices That Last" campaign. Some of the new products that have been added include the "Super 3-in-1 Coffee Assorted" (S$5.50), "Milo Gao Kosong Tin" (S$5.95), and the "Giant Jasmine Fragrant Rice 5kg" (S$6.80).

Giant also announced that it has added 99 new products of the "Meadows" brand – DFI's own brand – to the list.

Previously, Giant had also announced that it would absorb the one per cent increase in the new Goods and Services Tax (GST) for over 700 products from January until June 2023. It is also offering a three per cent discount for senior citizens on weekdays.

Giant started as a provision store in Malaysia in the 1940s. It then expanded within the country and into Singapore, where it currently operates over 50 stores.

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