Farmers capture one metre-long 'ratzilla' which terrorised village and ate fish WHOLE

Chinese farmers have captured a one metre-long, 5kg rat which had been terrorising villagers, it was claimed today.

The freakish giant rodent, dubbed 'ratzilla', weighed ten times that of an average rat and had been devouring 3kg fish whole in Shaoyang, in China's Hunan Province.

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In a gruesome twist, farmers who caught the huge animal tried to cut it up to eat - but broke two knives hacking at its body.

The rat had been terrorising villagers in Shaoyang before local farmers banded together to finally catch it, according to

Workers eventually cornered 'ratzilla' and killed it with makeshift weapons, but broke two knives trying to carve its thick bones and skin.

Rat is widely eaten in Guangdong, southern China, and is used in soups as well as being stewed or braised.

It some parts of China it is considered to be three times more nutritious than chicken.