Giants long snapper Zak DeOssie loses Super Bowl rings after leaving them on roof of his car

New York Giants long snapper Zak DeOssie has been a staple during the team’s run of Super Bowl success in the last decade.

He was the Giants’ long snapper as a rookie in 2007 and has only missed four games since.

Zak DeOssie reported Super Bowl rings stolen

He won Super Bowl rings for the Giants wins’ over the New England Patriots after the 2007 and 2011 seasons. According to police reports obtained by Deadspin, DeOssie believed someone took those rings in May, and he reported them stolen.

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But it turns out they apparently went missing of his own accord.

DeOssie had taken his rings to a charity event at a New Jersey hotel. When he got home, he did not have them. When the rings didn’t show up after checking hotel security footage, DeOssie reported them stolen to the Summit, New Jersey police.

Giants long snapper Zak DeOssie reported his Super Bowl rings stolen before police determined that he lost them. (AP)

The assigned detective found that the rings had in fact not been stolen, but lost. A nearby resident named David Smith found a box with broken glass on the street early on the morning of May 3 and discarded it in a nearby recycling bin. Smith also found a box with DeOssie’s 2011 ring in it and connected with DeOssie to return the jewelry.

Lost Super Bowl ring may have ended up in recycling bin

The 2007 ring was not recovered, and may have been discarded when Smith threw away what he thought was refuse in the street.

From the police report:

The morning of Thursday 5/3/18 D. Smith discovered broken glass in the street on Manor Hill Rd approximately 10 yards East of Pine Grove Avenue. Due to the fact children walk this route to School, D. Smith decided to pick up the glass and discard it in a nearby recycle bin of a resident on the street. Upon picking up the glass, D. Smith noticed a small box with a ring under it, later identified as a NFL NY Giants Super Bowl ring from 2011. The ring was engraved with the name Deossie and his number 51. At the time, D. Smith had no knowledge that Z. Deossie lived on the street so he decided to hold on to the ring for safekeeping. D. Smith stated he asked some friends at his Country Club in Essex Fells if they knew the name Deossie. Subsequently, D. Smith advised one of his friends indicated that Deossie was actually a member at the same club and would reach out to notify him about the ring. D. Smith stated a short time later, he corresponded with Z. Deossie and made arrangements to return the ring. D. Smith stated upon locating the ring and after speaking with Z. Deossie, he had no knowledge there was a second ring still missing. D. Smith again related that he threw the broken box and glass into a recycle bin for safety concerns and did not think to check inside for another ring. The recycle unfortunately went out the following day.

The investigating officer concluded that the rings had fallen off the roof of DeOssie’s car and closed the case.

After speaking with D. Smith, I determined that due to the steep incline of Manor Hill Rd. off Pine Grove, it was evident that the box of rings rolled off the roof of Mr. Deossie’s vehicle as he turned onto the street and smashed to the ground. I determined the second ring was either thrown in the recycle inadvertently by D. Smith, or swept away by the rain or City street sweeper. Z. Deossie although frustrated with the outcome was satisfied that a theft was eliminated as a possible scenario. This case will be closed as Z. Deossie was in contact with his insurance company.

While DeOssie can find comfort that he recovered one of his rings, the loss of that 2007 ring, valued at $15,000, has to sting.

“Nothing will ever replace the original,” DeOssie told “These rings are near and dear to my heart and it was a sad, sad realization that I haphazardly misplaced them.

“I’ll be damn sure to never do that again, but to walk away from the situation empty-handed seems even more sad. I’m definitely getting a new one made, and hopefully over time I can enjoy it just as much as I did the first one.”

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