Giddens Ko's upcoming movie halts production

Giddens Ko's upcoming movie halts production

23 Jul – Taiwanese writer-director Giddens Ko recently revealed that the production of his upcoming movie, "Kung Fu", has been temporarily halted.

As reported on Mingpao News, the director recently turned to his micro blog to announce the news and clarified in a later interview, "It has been rescheduled to March-May next year. Since it is a joint production with a mainland company, we have to wait for the approval from mainland first."

However, Giddens said that he is not worried about the postponement, as he is already used to it.

"When I was filming "Cafe" and "You Are the Apple of My Eye", we shot the movies while we were waiting for approval. Ultimately we have to follow the mainland rules," said Giddens.

He added that it was fortunate that the movie was not halted while in production. "Otherwise, we would have incurred a huge loss."

(Photo credit: Wall Street Journal - Asia Edition)

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