Will The Gilded Age Return for a Third Season?

the gilded age
Will The Gilded Age Return for a Third Season?HBO

The eight-episode season two of The Gilded Age is currently airing on HBO and Max, but viewers are already wondering if the period drama will be coming back for a third season.

The creative team behind The Gilded Age sounds hopeful for another season. Writer Sonja Warfield tells Town & Country that "there is so much in history" that would work for the show. "We discovered gems for season two that play into our characters' journeys, and there are so many more things we could play out if we’re lucky enough to get a third season," she says. "In season one, we had Thomas Edison’s lights, in season two we have the Tuskegee Institute, and we’ll discover what that is in season three"

There's no news yet from HBO on whether or not the Julian Fellowes drama has been renewed, but if they get a third season, the creatives are already thinking about what stories could work."There are emails flying back and forth when you find a particularly cool story that fits. You just know when that happens," producer David Crockett tells T&C. "The Metropolitan Opera opening on the same night as the Academy is a great example of that. It was real, and Julian knew the story but not that they opened on the same night, so it came through on an email chain and it was like, wow, we’ve got to do this!"

As Michael Engler explains to Town & Country, "All of the things that came up this season were talked about in the previous season. We talk about Jack’s life changing when he becomes a successful businessman. We talk about one of the women from a high place having a scandal and falling. Who knows! The kinds of stories that we learn about, that sometimes shock us, give us a large catalogue of things like that."

We'll update this as soon as there's more news about The Gilded Age season three.

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