Gillian Chung gets a new home from Albert Yeung

26 Apr – Gillian Chung has admitted that she will be getting a new apartment from her boss as a wedding gift.

As reported on On CC, the singer who spoke to the media about her wedding preparations recently, admitted that EEG's Albert Yeung is not only paying for her upcoming Hong Kong banquet, but is also purchasing an apartment in Shanghai for her and future husband Michael Lai as a gift.

"Mr. Yeung is like a father to me," she said, echoing Yeung's previous statement about caring for Gillian like his own daughter.

When asked if the Chairman of the Emperor Group will be part of the traditional wedding tea ceremony, Gillian said that she is unsure of that since they have yet to make such an arrangement.

She also laughed when asked if Yeung is giving her jewellery for her wedding, saying, "I can't ask for more, or he will end up firing me instead."

On the other hand, Gillian said that she and Michael have decided to continue living in two places. Since she already has a property in Hong Kong, they will begin looking for another home in Taiwan soon.

(Photo Source: Gillian Chung Instagram)