Gina Rodriguez Punched ‘Jane the Virgin’ Co-Star in the Nose

On Live with Kelly and Ryan, Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez talked about the time she accidentally punched co-star Francisco San Martin square in the nose. Rodriguez says it was an accident, but this isn’t the first time she has punched someone on camera. She accidentally punched James Corden in the face on The Late Late Show in 2015.

Francisco San Martin, Gina Rodriguez, and Rogelio De La Vega in “Jane the Virgin.” (Photo: The CW Network)

Rodriguez has studied Muay Thai — Thai boxing — so she knows how to throw a punch, and in the scene with San Martin, it may just have just her instincts taking over. In the scene they were shooting, San Martin’s character, Fabian, tries to punch Jane’s father — and that’s where things went wrong.

“He tries to hit my father, and I block the punch and I punch him. And I punched him, accidentally, for real,” Rodriguez said. She added, “I felt so bad.”

San Martin took the punch pretty well. In fact, according to Rodriguez, he was impressed.

“I was like, ‘Yeah, I punch like a girl, dude,’” Rodriguez said. “Real strong. Real strong.”

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