Girl dad of the year takes his role as ‘nail salon customer’ VERY seriously

Dad playing nail salon with his toddler

If there’s anything that can instantly melt even the coldest of hearts, it’s a viral video of a great girl dad. And this one, fam—this one is really, really good. This video of a dad playing nail salon with his toddler daughter might actually depict the best girl dad out there, because this dad clearly has it all figured out.

The video, filmed and posted by mom Nika Diwa, starts with her walking into the room and immediately cracking up as she sees her toddler asking, “What’s your inspiration” as she does her dad’s nails with giant bubble tea straws. The nails are a good 14 inches long, but they’re looking good, if we do say so ourselves.

As Diwa continues filming, her daughter and husband mimic a nail appointment. This kid is tiny, but it’s clear she’s been in her fair share of salons, because she has this role down.

“How was your day today?” she asks her “client,” who responds, “Oh my goodness, it was hectic.”

Seeing her mom behind her filming, the toddler points and asks, “This your mommy?”

Her dad slyly responds, “Well, sort of. I call her mommy.”

Then, as he sassily mimes a hair flip, he breaks off one of his nails.

“I’d never be one to question the quality of your work,” he says, to which his daughter replies, “Because you’re not being careful.” And that’s that on that.

“So that’s not my fault,” she adds, as she continues to paint his other nails.

“Are we gonna get this one fixed? Yes or no?” Dad asks.

She responds, like the true nail tech that she obviously is, “That would be extra.”

You tell him, girl. Your time ain’t free.

In the comments, everyone is collectively losing it over how much this tiny girl sounds just like a real nail tech.

“Thats how they talk to you,” one commenter wrote.

Another added, “Rofl she is a professional already.”

In case anyone is wondering, Diwa noted that you can go ahead and make your appointment in the comments section.