This girl posted a selfie of her fancy dress — but the internet can’t get over her room

Meaghan Kirby
This girl posted a selfie of her fancy dress — but the internet can’t get over her room

Note to self, next time we post an adorable mirror selfie on Twitter, we should probably make sure our room is spotless. Alyssa, a Twitter user from New Orleans, recently posted a photo to the social networking site of her rocking a stunning sequined gown, but all Twitter users can focus on is her messy room in the background. While we have to say that the room is ~seriously~ cluttered, Alyssa does look stunning.

So far, the tweet has gone viral, reaching nearly 9,300 favorites and just over 4,600 retweets. Hopefully Alyssa’s mom isn’t looking at Twitter, but trust us, we’ve all been there.

Check out the unintentionally hilarious tweet below:

Twitter users, having grown obsessed with the pic over the last few weeks, Twitter users have begun zooming in on the pic, taking screenshots of the hilarious and eclectic items on Alyssa’s floor. So far, Twitter users have found a waffle iron, a bag of marshmallows, and dozens of shoes scattered around the room.

Our favorite Twitter response to Alyssa’s room has to be the perfect

Friends reference.

According to Alyssa, her apartment is currently undergoing some construction, which explains some of the bizarre household items in her room. She seems to be taking it all in stride though, tweeting a bit of enthusiasm for her newfound twitter popularity. She tweeted recently:

“Keep retweeting my messy ass apartment, I wanna be famous by the time I get outta practice. I have 104 more followers now than when I went into dance practice. All because my apartment is under construction. Bless up.”

We love how great a sport she’s being. We hope that when the construction is finished, Alyssa will still keep a giant bag of marshmallows in her room. Keep slaying, Alyssa!