Glenn Close caught between Patrick Stewart and John Malkovich in first 'The Wilde Wedding' trailer

Typically, one excellent way to avoid disaster at your second wedding is to leave your ex off the guest list. That advice goes unheeded by Glenn Close in The Wilde Wedding. In it, the actress plays a movie star set to tie the knot with her second spouse (Patrick Stewart) at a ceremony attended by her first (John Malkovich). It’s a set-up built for uncomfortable hijinks — but as is revealed by its first trailer debuting above, exclusively at Yahoo Movies, it’s not the only complication that’ll arise in this romantic family comedy.

At a remote mansion set to be the venue for her upcoming nuptials to Stewart’s celebrated English writer, Close’s retired celebrity welcomes not only her initial husband (Malkovich), but also an enormous group of friends and relatives, all of whom seem more than ready for some out-of-control revelry. As Close’s character starts to have second thoughts about her till-death-do-us-part plans, her guests — including Minnie Driver, Noah Emmerich, Peter Facinelli, Yael Stone, and Grace van Patten — indulge in all sorts of craziness, including drinking to excess, shagging in all corners of the estate, and accidentally ingesting some hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Written and directed by Damian Harris (best known for his 1995 crime thriller Bad Company, starring Laurence Fishburne and Ellen Barkin), The Wilde Wedding should bring some good-natured marital mayhem to theaters when it debuts on Sept. 15.

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