Global Auto Startup Borgward Launches its new AI Safety Tech

Martin Aguilar

Borgward has introduced its new artificial intelligence (AI) safety technology alongside the opening of its U.S. headquarters and research and development (R&D) center in Sunnyvale, California.

The global auto startup company says its new AI tech can predict risky behaviors that could help avoid collisions. Borgward’s AI tech is currently in prototype stage. It is integrated with three features such as (1) automatic honking, (2) advanced risky behavior identification and labeling, and (3) marking of high-risk physical areas.

Borgward plans to integrate the said AI tech to its future vehicles and other original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) as a safety feature for autonomous or self-driving cars. However, Borgward has yet to release the details of each safety tech as the company has not provided further information as of this writing.

“No autonomous automaker has been able to deliver a safe and reliable product. This is in part because the industry’s reliance on real road testing cannot generate enough data to predict human error or other risks at a rate sufficient enough to ensure a reliable response,” said Borgward Group’s Director of Artificial Intelligence for Autonomous Driving, Dr. Zhou Xing.

On the other hand, Borgward considers its new U.S. headquarters as a key event in line with the company’s global expansion strategy plan.

Borgward is a company that sells both traditional and electric vehicles across 20 countries in Europe, China, South East Asia, Africa, and South America. Last May 2018, the brand launched its BXi7 all-electric SUV and its GT BX6 SUV. Borgward plans to launch to new models in 2019.

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