GMC Hummer EV prices are going up by over $6,000

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The GMC Hummer EV is not a cheap vehicle, and that becomes even more true this year. Pricing for all trim levels is climbing by $6,250. According to GMC, this is "due to the increase in the price of commodity parts." The new pricing is listed below. The only trim not included and not affected by the price increase is the Edition 1, which is sold out.

  • EV2: $86,245

  • EV2X: $96,245

  • EV3X: $106,245

Note that these prices are not model year price increases, since some of these trims are not in production yet, and won't be for another year or two. These price increases apply to people that put in reservations for any of these Hummers starting on June 18. The good news for existing reservation holders, (anyone who reserved before June 18) is that they will still be charged the price announced when GMC started accepting reservations.

Speaking of existing reservation holders (of which GMC says there are 77,500 so far), those who reserved the EV3X pickup versions will soon be able to configure their trucks. The company will reach out this summer for holders to make their configurations and submit their official orders. And production targets for all Hummer EV trims are unchanged. The EV3X is set for this fall, EV2X will be coming next spring, and the EV2 will arrive in spring 2024.

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