Goalie completely whiffs attempted clearance. But was he just unlucky?

Daniel Teo
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Posted from Yahoo! UK Eurosport

As an ageing goalkeeper in the Romanian second division, Robert Tufisi probably thought his hopes of global fame had passed him by.

But an opportunity for notoriety has come at last for the 36-year-old via the medium of an internet video going viral.

Tufisi was in goal for CSM Ramnicu Valcea in their clash against Movieni on Monday night when, with the ball being rolled towards him by team-mate Florin Plecanciuc, he decided to thump a clearance upfield.

With only a quarter of an hour left and his side trailing 1-0, it seemed a good decision.

Sadly for Tufisi - and CSM, and particularly for Plecanciuc - it didn't quite work out that way. Tufisi managed to miss the ball completely, and despite swinging round sharply to try and scramble back to recover, the ball trundled over the line to make it 2-0.

There was no way back from there, and CSM ended up slumping to a defeat that sends them to the bottom of the table.

A study of the replays on our video actually suggests that Tufisi was a little unlucky, since the ball bobbled badly just as the keeper's boot was about to make contact.

But come on: it's late Autumn in second-tier Romanian football. Should a keeper really be chancing his arm on perfect playing surfaces?