Godfrey Gao had planned to propose to girlfriend Bella Su

Heidi Hsia

5 Dec– Godfrey Gao was indeed planning to tie the knot with girlfriend Bella Su, according to good friend Darren Jiang.

In an open letter that Darren posted on Weibo in both English and Chinese, he spoke about all the memories the two of them shared, and referred to Godfrey as his "brother from another mother".

He then revealed that Godfrey contacted him a few days before his passing, asking where he was.

"I said that I was travelling in Europe but in a few days we could catch up and chat. By now I finally found out why all of the sudden you were checking to see my location. Because you'd like me to be a witness with you at the two families' big joint dinner as you are ready to start a new life direction," he wrote.

It is noted that Godfrey and Bella have been dating for some time now. However, when asked recently if the two were engaged, his manager stated that the actor was not yet ready to do so.

Godfrey passed away on 27 November after experiencing a heart attack during the filming of the Chinese variety show, "Chase Me". He was 35.

(Photo Source: Darren Jiang Weibo)