Godfrey Gao's family to bring his body home to Taiwan

29 Nov – Godfrey Gao's camp has recently confirmed rumours that they will be bringing the actor's body home to Taipei soon.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who passed away after experiencing heart attack on the set of a variety show, has recently been transferred to a funeral parlour in Ningbo. The family was also revealed to have requested a Buddhist ceremony to respect his mother's wishes.

When asked to address rumours that they will bring him home to Taiwan, his manager said that they are making the efforts to do so, and that Godfrey's body may be transferred home next week.

As to allegations that "Chase Me" crew was slow in responding after Godfrey collapsed, the manager dismissed it as false, saying, "We ran quickly to him as soon as we saw what happened on screen. It took a bit of time due to the distance, but everyone arrived and tried to resuscitate him in real time."

The manager also declined to discuss about a possible indemnity clause in the contract they signed with the said show, saying that Godfrey himself would have not wanted to discuss such a thing.

He also denied rumours that Godfrey was engaged to be married to his model girlfriend Bella, but stated that the latter has yet to arrive in China.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)