Going to see Eurovision live in Turin could cost you a pretty penny

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Thousands of music lovers are planning to head to Turin, from May 10 to 14, to attend the 66th edition of the Eurovision contest.

Preparations are underway with less than a week to go before the Eurovision final. Thousands of music lovers are descending on Turin to attend the European singing contest, which runs from May 10 to 14. But they should have a generous budget on hand in order to fully benefit from the event and the Italian city hosting it.

Music fans are used to going all out when it comes to shelling out the big bucks to see their favorite artists live on stage. And while many of the performers at Eurovision are not yet stars of this level, the event is clearly a must-see for many young music lovers who make the trek from various parts of the continent. But how much does it set them back? Well, vacation home rental platform, Belvilla, has calculated how much it would cost to stay in Turin to watch the world's biggest singing contest. It took into account the cost of travel, accommodation, meals and possible sightseeing tours as well as the cost of tickets to attend the 2022 edition of Eurovision (all shows or just the final).

It turns out that the tickets for the contest represent the biggest expense, ahead of renting accommodation and even plane or train tickets to get to Turin, depending on where the traveler is coming from. You can expect to pay up to €1,760 to attend the grand finale of the 66th Eurovision Song Contest on May 14. Fans of the European music event can arrive a few days before the final to watch all the preliminary rounds. Which can significantly drive up the bill! According to Belvilla's estimates, they would have to pay 6069 euros to follow the entire Eurovision.

To this, you have to add an average of €2623 to rent accommodation in Turin for a week. This amount goes down to €1074 if you choose to stay in the Italian city just during the weekend of the 66th Eurovision final. Other expenses increase the final bill such as restaurants (€213.19 for a week) or cultural activities (€137). Total cost of a week to follow the song contest: around €9223, if you go to Turin by plane. The weekend of the final will cost a minimum of 2,485 and 2,356 euros, according to Belvilla's calculations, depending on whether one travels by train or plane.

Ukraine a favorite to win

Some music lovers might be tempted to pay off some of their expenses by trying to determine who will be the big winner of this 2022 edition and placing a wager. Many are betting on Ukraine with the hit "Stefania" by the group Kalush Orchestra -- a lullaby mixing rap and traditional music whose lyrics are sung by six young Ukrainians. The website eurovisionworld.com , which summarizes bets in this area, gives Kalush Orchestra the best odds with 48% of chances to win on May 14. The group is far ahead of the Italian duo Mahmood and Blanco (11%) and Britain's representative, Sam Ryder (10%), the other favorites of the competition.

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