Golden Goose Receives Top Employers 2024 Certification for Third Consecutive Year in Italy

GOLDEN TOP: Golden Goose has received the Top Employers 2024 certification for the third consecutive year in Italy, for the second year in the U.S. and the first year in China.

“At Golden, we cultivate a dream: to make the world a better place, starting from ourselves,” said Silvio Campara, chief executive officer of Golden Goose. “We value the distinctive characteristics of each person and believe in imperfection, which makes us authentic and unique individuals. We are stories made of victories, defeats and intuitions, as all of this is part of our journey and contributes to defining who we are.”

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In a statement, the Italian company listed its Inclusion and Belonging Act and training programs, its Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and the involvement of its leadership team in the Inclusion and Belonging Committee. It also organizes days dedicated to promoting intercultural dialogue. “Every progress is measured, as it is only by setting assessable goals that a dream can transform into a concrete objective,” stated the company. “The ultimate aspiration is to value the uniqueness of talents, while creating a conscious, authentic and respectful work environment that honors individuality.”

Golden Goose also prides itself on its Academy, located in Marghera, a Venice borough, meant “to promote curiosity, research and personal development through the [cross-pollination] of artisanal, artistic and design disciplines.” It also cited its space for exchange called “Power Conversations.”

The brand, known for its intentionally distressed sneakers and its Superstar model that offers 400 variations a year, is founded on the value of “Perfect Imperfection.”

In 2020, private equity fund Permira bought the Italian brand from the Carlyle Europe Buyout fund for a price pegged at 1.28 billion euros. Speculation is rife that Golden Goose is eyeing an initial public offering, but neither the company nor Permira have officially commented on this option, or on a potential sale.

The company has been on an upward trajectory, posting revenues of 421 million euros in the nine months ended Sept. 30, up 19 percent compared with the same period in 2022. Compared with 2021, sales were up 60 percent.

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