Golfer J.B. Holmes ices his competition and enrages fans with four-minute shot

J.B. Holmes took four minutes to hit a single shot on Sunday, and he had zero regrets. (AP Photo)

Golf is a very deliberate game. Every shot requires careful thought, club selection and adjustment to the environment. But how long is too long when it comes to making a shot? We’ve just found out.

J.B. Holmes, who participated in the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines Golf Course over the weekend, ruffled everyone’s feathers with his very, uh, deliberate style on the final hole. On Sunday, while he was paired with co-leader Alexander Noren, Holmes took four minutes and ten seconds to choose a club and make a shot at the 72nd hole. In golf time, that’s a long time. A long, long time. It’s so long that people watching him at the tournament noticed and started calling for him to make his shot. It’s so long that the announcers and the viewers at home noticed.

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Here’s a little context: on the final hole of the entire tournament, Holmes was two shots out of the lead and needed an eagle on the par-5 hole to win. With 239 yards to the hole and only two more strokes to achieve an eagle, he wanted to be very deliberate and careful when he chose his club and lined up the shot. And making Noren, who held the lead, wait so long to hit his second shot was just an added bonus.

The context didn’t really matter to fans, though. They spoke out about Holmes’ lengthy shot time (and icing Noren) on Twitter, and they were not happy!

Even some of Holmes’ fellow golfers couldn’t defend his four-minute shot.

The result of Holmes’ big time four-minute shot? No eagle. He shot the ball into the rough, about 60 yards from the hole. He did end up getting a birdie, though, and finished fourth. And Holmes had no regrets.

Holmes might be fine with what he did, but it doesn’t seem like fans are going to forget that agonizing four-minute wait anytime soon.

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