Gong Li wants to be a better Chow Heung

Gong Li wants to be a better Chow Heung

11 Nov – Chinese actress Gong Li recently talked about working with Stephen Chow in the past and revealed how she regretted not letting herself be more at ease when playing her character.

As reported on Sina website, the 47-year-old actress, who appeared on the talk show "Telling Maria 2" hosted by Maria Leitao, shared her experience in working with the king of comedy on the film "Flirting Scholar" 20 years ago.

"Flirting Scholar" is a 1993 film starring Stephen Chow as the legendary scholar Tong Pakfu, whose literary and artistic skills were as famous as his collection of wives. Gong Li played the role of Chow Heung, a maid in the House of Wah, whom Tong Pakfu believed to be the actual love of his life.

"I was a graduate of the Central Academy of Drama in Beijing, so I was confused with Stephen's method of performing. I also could not understand the tone of the movie," said Gong Li.

She revealed that since the movie began airing more often recently on mainland TV stations, she began to understand it.

"When I saw how people loved the movie, I really regret that I did not perform properly," Gong Li added. "If I had the chance to turn back, I would perform like the others and go nuts!"

Meanwhile, on her former constant collaborator, mainland director Zhang Yimou, Gong Li said, "I felt as if Zhang Yimou lives for film. His life was film. After so long, we finally get to collaborate again on "Return" but it just feels like returning to a family."