Good Samaritan siblings help stranded motorist, colour blind act goes viral

Sylvia Looi
Rohana Ahmad and Siva @ Tiger (in black) with his siblings. — Picture courtesy of Facebook/ Rohana Ahmad

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 6 — A young man’s selfless act to help a stranded motorist has won praises from netizens for being a true reflection of what being Malaysian is all about.

On Monday, Rohana Ahmad shared on Facebook that her car could not start after sending brownies to Paya Terubong in Penang.

“To make matters worse I do not know anyone in that area. Tried calling the mechanic who said he would be late,” she wrote in her posting noting it was 9am and still too early for shops to be open.

Rohana added she approached two policemen, who had stopped to buy food nearby, but they too could not help as they were on motorcycles and did not have the necessary tools.

“Normally I keep all sorts of tools in the car boot but this time there was nothing. Cleaned out the boot as needed the space to carry the goods,” she continued.

A distressed Rohana said she could only pray for help to come soon as the battery shop said assistance might only come in 30 minutes.

“But suddenly, a young chap from across the road asked ‘auntie what happened’. I told him my problem and he tried to start the car but failed. ‘It is the battery’, he said.”

“He asked whether I had jumper cables and I told him I left it at home. Then his sister came, and she took a U-turn so her old Proton Saga faced my car. 

He then contacted his other siblings at home and told them to bring along cables and a wrench from home, eventually stripping his own car battery before using it to jump start Rohana’s car when they arrived.

“They then reminded me to change the car battery.”

Thanking the young man, the woman noted that there are still Malaysians who cared.

“Thank you to Siva @ Tiger, his siblings and mother who patiently waited while Siva helped me. 

“Today they are my heroes.”

She ended her post by apologising to Siva for not offering a token of appreciation, and later stated she was angry at herself for overlooking it.

“Auntie prays that Siva and your siblings become successful in life. To Siva’s mother, thank you for raising children who respect people and willingly help without being asked.”

Speaking to mStar, Rohana said she and her family plan to meet Siva soon.

“After the post went viral, there are people assisting me to get Siva’s address. Once I get that information, I will surely visit them,” she said, adding that she planned to visit them during Deepavali.

The Kolej Islam Teknologi Antarabangsa Pulau Pinang lecturer said she was taken aback there were still those who were willing to help despite the difference in colour of skin and race.

“There are only some quarters who try to ignite racial tensions.”

The post has since received 11,000 reactions and shared 4,800 times with many encouraging others to share the inspirational and feelgood posting.

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