Goodbye Raj’s Banana Leaf; Hello RBL Banana Leaf

Remember that time that a certain local banana leaf chain was busted washing their dishes in less than sanitary conditions, and by that we mean in the curbside potholes, in dirty rainwater?

Yeah, we’ve tried to block it out of our minds as well.

Since the May 2018 incident, the shutters have drawn on Raj’s Banana Leaf, after Ministry of Health authorities shut it down for not being up to hygiene code. Owners were subsequently slapped with an RM5,000 (US$1,250) fine, and notices were placed outside it’s grates that workers did not have typhoid jabs, nor food-handling training. Also, the premises had failed to keep itself free from pests.

With all of this in mind, let us introduce you to Raj’s Banana Leaf 2.0, a brother from another mother, a curry with less worry: RBL Banana Leaf.

While we applaud the owner’s aplomb in boldly naming it pretty much what that other slovenly hole was called; for the record — we still won’t be eating there.

Good luck, and remember — just like Mama always used to say: Dishes go in the sink.

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